Don’t Fear The Monsters Under Your Bed

July 5, 2017

Now that we’ve read our stories and said our good nights,

I know there’s one other thing that gives you a fright.

Don’t worry, son, I’ve heard what you said

And I’ll check for monsters under your bed.

I was young once, so I know how you feel,

But know this, son, those monsters aren’t real.

There’s nothing down there that’s can hurt you

So close your eyes tight, and sleep the night through.

Monsters are real, they just don’t live in your closet.

They’re hanging around where you least expect it.

Yes, my son, there’s still much to fear,

Like the men that you see, reeking of beer.

Monsters don’t have horns or bright eyes.

The most dangerous are adept at disguise.

The men mentioned above are most easy to see

Laying in streets and reeking of pee.

They’ll hassle and annoy you, asking for change.

They’re mostly not bad, they’re mostly insane.

Some of them are insane enough to hurt you.

They’re still not quite bad, they just don’t know what they do.

Others are a different kind of sick.

They know what they do, and they hurt you for kicks.

You’ll meet them first when you get into school.

They’re tough to pick out because most kids are cruel.

But some of these mean kids will never grow up.

They end up adults, who end up locked up.

Fearing them, though, is only a start.

Most of those ones aren’t very smart.

The dangerous ones know how to blend in

Acting normal while their urges drive them to sin.

You can’t see them but these monsters are all around you.

They could be a parent or a teacher in school.

Some of them know what they do is wrong,

And after they’ll hurt you the shame will be strong.

They’ll feel bad and cry over their evil deed.

A lot of good that will do you after you’ve tasted their seed.

The scars you will bear for the rest of your time,

And if they’re really wicked, they’ll relish their crime.

They’re smart and they’re masterful in deceit.

They might be police, they might be your priest.

You might be alone with them in a church,

Because in places you’re comfortable is where they will lurch.

They use their positions to build up your trust

Before making you the target of their lust.

Some of them are even more extreme.

They just want to be able to make you scream.

Seconds become hours, you’re in so much pain

And in this state for days you’ll remain.

All caused by someone you thought was a friend.

Friendship will be how you meet your end.

Stranger danger is a slogan of little use

When there’s a more likely source of abuse.

There’s many, many people whom you should fear

Even though you’ve known them for years.

Trust no one, son, be always on guard

Whether people are nice, mean, or seem a retard.

Literally everyone constitutes a threat.

One more thing, before I lay you to bed.

There’s one monster out of all that’s most bad.

He’s the one in here now, the one you call dad.

So turn over, son, and don’t make a peep

Because I’m pretty drunk, and your mom is asleep.


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