Your Parents’ Divorce and Why It’s Your Fault

April 25, 2017

You know daddy’s leaving and that makes you sad

And mommy keeps drinking and you know that is bad.

And now you’re confused and you want to know why

Daddy says mean things that make mommy cry.

Let me explain something that’s sad but it’s true.

All of this started because of you.

They wanted a kid to love and to hold

And to watch as he grew up and got older.

Instead they got you, you’re clearly defective.

What’s that? You’re too young to know what I mean by defective?

It means you smell bad, you’re ugly and dumb.

You clearly weren’t the cream of your daddy’s cum.

They wanted a kid of whom they’d be proud,

Of whom they could brag of out loud.

Instead they got you, a kid who is lame

So everywhere they go, their heads hang in shame.

And so now your daddy is going away,

And though he’ll tell you he wishes to stay,

It’s a lie and I know that you know that it’s true.

You know that he wants to get rid of you.

Your mom will now raise you, it’s just you and her,

And the gentlemen callers who walk through the door.

They’re more important, she’s lonely and you know you don’t count,

But before you sit in the corner and pout,

It’s not all bad, day to day it might suck,

As mommy ignores you for the guys that she fucks.

She has to do something to break from the stress

Caused by being a single mom after you started this mess,

And you’ll never see daddy, he’s gone like the wind,

But you’re now a competition that they’re trying to win.

So when he does see you he’ll try to buy love.

He’ll give you anything, as long as it’s stuff.

As a kid you’ll have plenty to do.

You’ll have everything except for a dad who loves you.

And mommy, well, she’s just given up.

She won’t pay attention, so do what you want.

You’ll quickly be the most popular kid in school

As kids learn to use you to do whatever they want to do.

They’ll use your basement for drinking and making out

Because your mom doesn’t notice, she’s out and about.

And though none of them will actually care about you,

Why should they?  It’s not like your parents do.

You’ll always have someone to occupy time,

And to pin it on when you’re caught in a crime.

So forget about love, kid, just live it up,

And look for what you’re missing in material stuff,

Just remember that for you, when you’re looking for love,

It won’t come in the form of hugs, but in drugs.


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