The Watergate Spiral Part 3

April 1, 2017

“So, did you decide what we’re going to do about good old William?” Zach asked, sitting next to Jeremy as he sat at the bar, sipping a coffee.  Jeremy shrugged.

“Nothing, for now.  I gave him my card in case anything happens, but all indications are that, for now, no one is the wiser.  I don’t know how you manage to commit that many crimes that incompetently and not get caught, but here we are.”

“Is this the guy who beat up the homeless dude?” Benjamin asked, standing at the bar.

“You know I can’t discuss that with you,” Jeremey responded.  “And yes.”

Benjamin shrugged.  “He could at least apologize.”

“And say what?  Sorry for the whole trying to kill you thing.  Best to just let sleeping dogs lie.”

“See, this is the problem with you men,” Veronica piped in from the other side of the bar.  “You have so much male privilege, you think you can just go around assaulting people.  And ignoring women because they’re fat, you won’t date them because society doesn’t think it’s acceptable.  You realize how discriminatory that is?”

“Male privilege…fat?  Benjamin, what the fuck is she talking about?”

“I have no idea.  She usually makes at least some sense, but she’s been drinking since like 9 o’clock this morning, so…” Benjamin shrugged.  “She’s getting her propaganda mixed up again.  Just ignore her.  So, what’s going on with the dead homeless guy?”

“Again, he’s not dead.  He’s just mostly dead.  Or kind of dead?  Injured, maybe?” Jeremy looked at Zach.  “How badly did he beat up this homeless guy?”

Zach shrugged.  “I don’t know.  You were conducting the interview.”

“Hmm.  Seems like something we should have asked.” Jeremy shrugged.  “Oh well.  We’ll ask him next time. Something tells me we’ll be seeing Mr. Debors again.”

“Why is that?”

“People that dumb don’t magically stop being this dumb.”


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