The Defender- Watergate Spiral Part 1

February 25, 2017

“Woo-hoo.  Damn, that was good,” Jeremy heard a very large, very round woman that he didn’t recognize say as he walked into the bar.  “Hey, Benny, how about another?”

“Coming right up,” Benjamin said with a smile, heading over and grabbing a new glass.  As he leaned over to fill it with ice, he looked up.  “Good morning, Jeremy.”

“Hey,” Jeremy said, moving in closer to his brother.  “Why is there a flesh colored bean bag sitting on one of our barstools?”

“Shut up,” Benjamin said in a sharp whisper.  “That’s Veronica.  She’s my new friend.”


“Because.  Shut up,” Benjamin said with a warning voice.  He turned around with a smile and handed the freshly made drink to Veronica.

“Thanks, sexy.  I have got to get the taste of cock out of my mouth.”

“Excuse me?” Jeremy said with an amused smirk, pulled in by the new gravitational orbit in the bar.

“I had a late night last night,” Veronica explained as she swallowed down a large gulp from her drink.  “Went home with some guy I met at the rally.  Don’t even remember his name, actually.  Oh, well.  Not like he was good for much other than a one-time ride, am I right?”

Veronica let out an obnoxious laughed and toasted Benjamin who replied with an approving chuckle.  Jeremey fought back a smirk, amused but uncomfortable.

“I suck a mean dick, too.  Lucky, lucky boy,” Veronica said.  “I may have a little extra cushion for the pushing, but I am good in bed.  You can’t deny that.”

“I have no basis of knowledge to dispute or affirm that claim,” Jeremy said, dryly.

“Would you like one?”

“No, uh, sorry,” Jeremy said.  “I have to, you know, work, I guess.”

“Whatever.  I’m not going to be ashamed of my sexuality just because I’m fat.  Or a woman.”


“Besides, well-behaved women rarely make history.”

“Neither do drunken whores,” Jeremy said under his breath.

“Excuse me?”

“He said he’s got to get into his office.  He’s got a case to start on,” Benjamin said quickly, pulling Jeremy away.

“Where’d you drag that one in from?” Jeremy asked Benjamin when the two were alone.  “She’s insufferable.”

“At the feminist rally last week.  One of the anti-Trump ones they’ve been having,” Benjamin said.  “She was there with some other fat activists.”

“Fat activists?  What the fuck is fat activism?”

“It’s a political movement based around the idea that nobody should have their feelings hurt, be forced to do something they don’t like, or have to take any sort of responsibility for their actions.”

“So pretty much the same as every other political movement of your generation.”

“We’re the same generation.  And yes,” Benjamin said.  “Now head over to your office.  Zach said a potential client called this morning.”

“Really?  I thought that was just a lie to get me away from your new friend before I pissed her off or she ate me.”

“It was.  But then I remembered it was true, so bye.”

Jeremy shrugged and walked into his office, where he found Zach Wells waiting for him.  Zach looked up and smiled.

“So, uh, I didn’t catch it.  What’s the story with the whale in the bar?”

“She’s a friend of Benjamin’s, I guess.  And let’s cool it with the fat jokes, alright?”

“Really? Why?”

“Because I’ve been making them all morning and they’re getting tiresome,” Jeremy said, walking around his desk and sitting in his chair.

“Fine.  Who is she, anyway?  I haven’t seen her.”

“Some feminist.”

Zach shrugged.  “Well, she’s balloon-shaped and won’t stop talking about all the men she fucked, so that checks out.  Anyway, we may have a new client.”

“Good.  What’s the issue?  And why are you smirking?” Jeremy asked, eyeing Zach suspiciously.  “I don’t like it when you smirk.”

“Wait until you hear about this winner,” Zach said, looking at his notes.  “He’s coming in later to meet you.”


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