The Day After New Year’s

January 1, 2017

Twas the day after New Year’s when Sadie returned,

To the scene of the crime at the house that he burned,

He looked around and gave his nuts a quick scratch,

And cooked up some meth so he’d have a fresh batch,

He took a large sample and put it in his nose,

And after a moment his eyes started to grow,

“Let’s fucking party,” he said with a shout,

As his third to last tooth began to fall out,

He went to the corner and picked up a whore,

Who’d been a cute little girl a Christmas before,

“Give me a rimmy and I’ll grant you a wish,

And God will bless you, you sweet little dish,”

“There is no God,” the whore said as she looked at her feet,

“There can’t be with all that has happened to me,”

“God is real,” Sadie said, “I know that it’s true,

It’s just that God doesn’t care about you,

Now tell me your wish and I’ll make it be,

With the power of prayer and some PCP.”

“Please free my brother, he’s held by the state,

And every night he’s brutally raped.”

In celebration, Sadie pumped his fists,

“I knew it, I knew he’d get raped like a bitch,

Now let’s get him out, and let’s get him out quick,

I’m in need of a man who sucks a good dick,”

They went to the prison and broke down the wall,

The prisoners looked up from their game of football,

“Let’s free my brother,” the whore said with hope in her shout,

“I want to play football,” Sadie said with a pout,

After some football they proceeded inside,

The guards all ignored them, they were probably high,

They found their way to the whore’s brother’s cell,

And found out why he thought that this place was his hell,

Inside her brother screamed out in pain, as

A large man named Rabbit stretched out his anus,

“Stop,” Sadie said, as Rabbit looked through the door,

Of the cell as he dropped his lover to the floor,

“I’m here to put an end to this mess,”

“What do you mean?” said Rabbit, “You wanted this.

I was just chilling in prison, leaving this punk alone,

When one day you called me up on the phone,

And told me to beat him, and rape him, and I didn’t think twice,

Every week with cigarettes, you paid a fair price,”

Sadie laughed. “Of course I had to make the most of his time,

That he’s serving since I framed him for that horrendous crime,

But see it from my view, I thought it’d be funny,

To see him get raped by a guy they call bunny,”

“You ruined our lives,” screamed whore, “it’s not fair,”

Sadie shrugged, “No, but what do I care?”

“So, are you going to help us?” asked whore,

“No, I was going to, but now I am bored.

So now I’m leaving, I’m off to the bar,

But don’t you worry, I’ll watch from afar,

And be back to meet up with you all right here,

If you’re alive and I feel like it, same time next year.”


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